Extra steps have been taken to ensure that guests are comfortable with using the facilities in the communal areas and we are taking the necessary precautions to maintain social distancing and cleanliness  so they can remain open. The areas typically include the communal wet room, kitchen, games room and fire pit.

If our guests forget or may not bring extra items such as hand sanitizer, masks, or other toiletries there will be a courtesy basket to help you feel more comfortable during your stay.

Use of the wet room will be time controlled giving each tent a time to use the facility so it can be sanitised between usage. For example "The Wish" 8am-9am and "The Well" 0930am-10.30am this can be flexible and not set in stone.

Once games, books etc have been used they will be returned into a signed "to be cleaned box" ready for the next guest to use. I think this will allow everyone to feel at ease which is what we're hoping to achieve.